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GEN2 50 degree ASR Kit

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estimated ship date (10/23)

This is an updated version of our gen2 asr kit, we've taken the best features of the gen2 kit and combined it with the smooth look and light weight of the gen1 kit.  We've also updated the cone profile to 50 degrees.

The only downside to most ti and ss modular designs is the added weight of the threaded cups, we've solved that issue by putting the heavy SS cups in the tube section.  Saving about 4 oz of un-needed weight.

4" Titanium ASR tube, 2" machined spacer.  Thread 1-3/8x24 

(2) H900 heat treated 17-4 SS Cups, spaced .750

(6) Ti Modular cups with spanner slots spaced .55

Low Pro end cap

Over all length   Short configuration 4.55"  Long 7.5

Weight (total 7.5")  14.5 oz

OD  1.5