.750 Titanium Threaded Gas Block

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.750 Non Adjustable Titanium Gas Block

Thread   1-3/8-24 ASR (HUB)

OD 1.5,  Make sure your handguard has enough internal clearance, or short enough so your gas block is exposed.


(Tube and other components in product images not included)

Reviews (2)

. 750 threaded gas block

Written by NoFksLft on 13th Feb 2024

This is the best threaded gas block made to date. Extremely lightweight and sturdy, just be sure to dimple your barrel. Otherwise the shorter it is, the faster you'll blow it off... They're a dream come true...I'm waiting to order more, I'm hooked for life!

. 750 threaded gas block

Written by NoFksGvn on 7th Jan 2024

This thing is amazing with subs. But for barrels 10" and under, It would be a good idea to drill out and make a nice deep dimples for both set screws when running supers or risk blowing it off the end of the barrel. Haha live and learn.

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